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    <div id="impress">
        <div class="step">
            <h1>impress.js - The JavaScript presentation framework</h1>


    .impress-supported .fallback-message {
        display: none;
    .step {
        width: 80vw;
        height: 80vh;
        background-color: white;

To create stunning presentations

FULL power of CSS.

Use the powerful styling tools CSS offers with only minimal restrictions. Because a tool should not restrict your options, such that the only limit is your imagination. (And your skills in CSS)


impress.js presentations can be written in HTML with only a few simple to understand element attributes. Highly detailed Documentation helps you getting started!


The framework only delivers what is essential, without compromising on functionality. You can expand on its functionality by writing some more javascript code or by using more CSS transitions and transforms.


It features extensive plugin-support to expand on its core functionality. Want a speaker console? Blank the screen? There's a plugin for it. If not, you may add your own!


Then you should try impress.js

*no rhyme intended

Get started! Download

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